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16/06/2016 - Latest ICROSS achievements

Celebration, the latest collection of images from the work of ICROSS international has been created and has been put together to share the  achievements of ICROSS over the last 37 years. This work is part of the series of initiatives to create an understanding regarding poverty and social injustice around the world.


In collaboration with the National Museums of Kenya, the International Community for the  Relief of Starvation and Suffering is in the process of establishing together with the Government a permanent exhibition relating to the culture and heritage of the Kenyan people. This permanent exhibition will ultimately incorporate over a thousand rare pieces of art, antiquities and artifacts as well as highlights from our major international exhibitions .


This will incorporate some of the most famous celebrated works of art taken among ICROSS projects from Manuel Scrima and between 20016-2019 a series of publication that reflect the modern day culture of living traditions in east Africa.


A key part of the collection will be over 500 rear artifacts that have been safe guarded for future generations of Kenyans currently being catalogued and archived in collaboration with the Kenya government. ICROSS International in recognition of the amazing cultures and tribal traditions of east Africa has spent almost 40 years gathering this unique collection and is now working with the national museums of Kenya to preserve this for future generations. Social cultural development comes in many forms one of our lasting legacies will be rarest collection of African art and antiquity to be given to the Kenya people. ICROSS international is proud to be part of this major initiative.






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