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15/04/2016 - ICROSS Annual Report 2015

The ICROSS team of 2016 is delighted to announce the release of its Annual Report for 2015. 

Speaking at the release of our latest programme, the International Director Dr. Michael Elmore-Meegan released the annual Report on behalf of the project teams and the Board of ICROSS international on 13th April 2016. Dr. Meegan paid tribute to the many donors and volunteers who work together every day to make ICROSS such a wonderful success. As part of the ceremonies Danny Ngwiri announced three new initiatives including a new website and a short film as well as the new IT Awareness team led by Ottawa Wycliffe and Peter Kovacs. 

The annual report was put together by the dedicated work of communities’ project leaders, the IT and research departments as well as a host of photographers and community workers. This Annual Report is the combination of the passion and commitment of hundreds within the International Community for Relief of Starvation and Suffering from 11 countries bringing about lasting change and impact. We are excited to announce that next week a major publication will be released by our Finish partners as a tribute to our 37 years and achievements by ICROSS international. This published work of photographers has taken 8 years to create by the Finish photographer Julius Konttinen. This important work represents the first in a series of awareness and creative campaigns which will be followed by a further series of photographic publication created by Manuel Scrima. Celebration which will highlight almost 40 years of achievements is an excellent of collective photographs that can be purchased through this site. We have already had over 300 people wanting to support ICROSS by pre-ordering this book. We also have available private orders of any of our annual report or any of the photographs that will be in the beautiful collection of Julius Konttinen. Anyone who wishes to order this book which took 8 years in creating can have a signed copy by the author by contacting him at juliuskonttinen@gmail.com

The Country Director Danny Ngwiri said "we are proud in 2016 as we embrace new challenges to have achieved so much in 2015 thanks to the dedication of so many friends and supporters who have made ICROSS a household name throughout many rural communities’’. This annual report needs to be read in the context of the ICROSS milestones and achievements. We are very excited by the progress we have made over the last 12 months and look forward to the new challenges that face us in 2016. Last year we had over 2000 people give comments and feedback, this year we hope for an even greater response. Please send your inputs to Danny Ngwiri on director@icrossinternational.org.

You can download the annual report here.



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