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24/06/2015 - public health research monitoring and evaluation

The International community for relief of starvation and suffering has spent over three decades developing long term public health research monitoring and evaluation.


A large part of our international programme is lecturing globally on best practices in both the design and the implementation of comprehensive holistic health programming. One element of that strategy has been to encourage and welcome students from around the world to experience the daily life of rural health programmes in Africa. Another key element has been sustained and on-going public health research. Our key partners have included the Royal college of Surgeons in Ireland with whom we have published for over 25 years as well as The Institute of Child Health in London that helped design many of our child health programmes.


We continue to promote international child health around the world with ICROSS lecturing, consulting and advising in many countries every year. The ICROSS research programmes that have a long pedigree in international medical journals continue to inspire and encourage young scientists and researchers.

The International director Dr. Michael Meegan together with our international collaboration research programmes are currently working on core areas of neo natal mortality, nutrition and child morbidity.


Please check out our research section for more information for on our research over the coming 5 years, you can also donate to our medical research on child health and women’s health through this website

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