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24/06/2015 - ICROSS Child survival programme

ICROSS has been involved in children’s health for over 30 Years. Together with research partners around the world we have developed comprehensive mother and child care programmes since 1983. ICROSS has trained over 800 health care workers for the last 6 years, in partnership with local government we have developed fully equipped maternity units in all our clinics. Our maternal perinatal are integrated into our pregnancy child birth interventions. ICROSS continues to fund maternal and new born health care.

A central element in our work over the last 3 decades is working with our academic partners in building inter dispensary campaigns to create greater implementation of the latest public health information.

·         ICROSS has focused on growth and development of children

·         Heath inequality in services

·         Nutrition and education of mothers

As part of the international research community we are very engaged in long term cohort’s studies

The development of practical research methods that can be used in child survival and child heath

The development of data linkage and disease mapping

Clinical epidemiology working with social science

Focusing on child health we have a series of internships

Development and public health programme built round core maternal and child health



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