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28/05/2015 - ICROSS developing rapid response and extended Primary health initiatives

The chairman of the board of Directors of ICROSS, Dr Evan Sequeira is seen here with the International Director Dr Michael Meegan. Dr Sequeira who is also the Medical Director of ICROSS has been discussing the long-term sustainability of ICROSS field programmes and future community capacity building of ICROSS health services. They have been working closely with the Country Director and Field Administration teams in designing cost-effective community development initiatives. ICROSS unveiled its Strategic Plan recently for 2015-2020 which  sets out a comprehensive  public health care framework designed to impact  health care for the coming years.

Both the Chairman and International Director have served ICROSS and the local communities for over 30 Years and between them they have over 70 person years of professional experience in Africa.

Later this year ICROSS will mark Dr. Sequeira contribution to the poor in Kenya

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