Get involved

There are many practical ways of getting involved with our projects 2015

1. You can volunteer a couple of hours a week helping to spread the work through social media and online volunteering. Every body has something to offer and your volunteering no matter how huge it is will make difference.

2. Fund raising. There are lots of creative ways that YOU CAN FUND raise helping the poorest of the poor, a small group of friends can organize a dinner party, a wine testing evening a local event or a karaoke night. Fund raising does not have to be serious; in 2013 a group of students raised over a thousand pounds from a drinking competition. A small group of mothers raised four hundred pounds by an action party in there streets. One girl raised seven hundred pounds by selling some of her designer clothes on e-bay. We can share with you most of the alternative fresh ideas and send you a fundraising kit.

3. Interning and volunteering in Africa. Every year ICROSS welcomes volunteers and interns to its projects in east Africa, this life transforming experiences help to develop ambassador for the local communities, this interns and volunteer also raise awareness in there countries many of them usually come back to the African communities and continue helping those communities.

4. Giving as your innovative ideas. Many people on the net are very creative and approach situations from new and fresh perspective, if you have any alternative suggestions about how we can share our programs we would be delighted to here them, remember a very little goes a long way in Africa.

5. You can get directly involved and get team feedback from project staff, you can ask questions about the project you get involved in and get feedback from the field.

Heres what your help can achieve in 2015.

£ 3.00 buys a malaria bed-net ( treated with insecticide) for a family protecting them from serious illness or death.
£ 4.00 buys the medication needed to treat a child suffering from Malaria £ 15.00 buys insecticide to protect a school for 2 months from mosquitoes

£ 3.00 a month provides safe water for a family of 6 for a month £ 2.00 provides 4 bottles to provide solar disinfection for a family.
£ 15.00 provides 3 families with clear water containers £ 25.00 provides a family with a water filter £ 300.00 provides a school with a rain water tank to harvest and use rainwater supplies.

£ 12.00 provides essential micronutrients for 2 malnourished children for a week.
£ 4.00 provides seriously malnourished mothers with vital suppliments.
£ 30.00 provides a milking goat to a family with underweight small children £ 4.00 provides effective treatment to a child with serious diarrhea £ 8.00 a month provides a health worker to provide education and training to 20 families.
£ 40.00 a month funds a qualified nurse to make home visits to 150 underweight children a month and provide child surveillance and education.


  • Online donation
  • One off donation/ Bank transfer
  • Monthly gift / Bank transfer
  • See our online shop and select a gift for a friend
  • Charity e-bay (sell stuff you don’t use for ICROSS)
  • Send us a donation in kind ( not only money )


  • Organise an event for one of our projects
  • Organise a competition in your school, work-place, among your friends
  • Plan a dinner or Drinks-Night with your friends
  • Run the Marathon or Trek to raise money and awareness.


  • Share us on Facebook or Twitter with your friends
  • Plan an Exhibition of ICROSS projects in your work, school, local area
  • Artist/Photographer programme
  • Email us your ideas, suggestions
  • Corporate or family partnership


  • Share your skills with us
  • Be one of our online team
  • Volunteer in Africa
  • Help us network, blog for us, use your network to help build ICROSS
  • Lobby and help us with our campaigns and initiatives
  • Be a voice of the poor, give presentations and talks on our behalf.