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ICROSS Mission Statement
Our aim is to reduce disease, suffering and poverty among the poorest on earth. Our projects are implemented through the values and beliefs of the people themselves. Together we create self-reliance and work towards long-term positive change.

ICROSS was created by Dr. Joe Barnes and Dr. Michael Meegan in 1979. It established a new approach towards long term health care (this is explained in details in our downloadable strategic plan) For decades ICROSS has developed public health research that has pioneered low cost innovations (please see research section)

We believe in evidence driven, results based long term solutions that can be shared. We do not believe that projects should be donor agendas, they must be community decided and locally planned. We succeed because all we do is long term over decades, in local language and through local culture. Our work is built through continuity.

None should ever sleep and be hungry; no child needs to be sick and untreated or thirsty. Everything we do will change the poverty trap and the short term idea of poverty. Our humanity is how we care for each other and embrace those who are vulnerable and hurt. We are going to end starvation and suffering, but we can only do this together.

A World free of needless suffering and infant death where people can be cared for and respected as they are within their own language , culture, traditions and beliefs. Where there is no hunger and starvation in a World of such vast wealth. Where there is compassion and kindness based on equality and shared empathy and understanding.

What we do
We fight poverty by identifying a root cause of suffering and designing long term ways to create change. Famine relief, short term projects and quick solutions do not work. For 30 years, we have been developing alternative innovations and low tech solutions to big problems.

The United Nations has set a series of targets to end world poverty and hunger. The gap between the rich and poor causes over 50,000 children to die from preventable diseases cause by poverty everyday. These millennium goals are the gold standard we are all aiming for. For more facts about Global Poverty and the reasons why ICROSS focuses on these areas,

Who we are
ICROSS is an international Non-governmental organisation working in partnership with civil society organisations, non-governmental organisations, governments and bilateral agencies including the Global Fund, the European Union, the World Health Organisation UNICEF other Organizations and local communities.

We are a group of trained professional s in global health and development ranging from clinical services and gynecological to water and sanitation. Most of our teams and all our managers are from local communities (For more information please see our strategic plan)

Meet The Team

ICROSS team 2014: Dr Joe Barnes

Dr Joe Barnes(right)

Dr Joe Barnes is the founder of ICROSS. His biography will be up soon

ICROSS team 2014: Dr michael Meegan

Dr Michael Meegan

Dr Elmore Meegan has spent almost 40 years in East Africa, specialising in primary healthcare and public health. He has worked in over 20 third world countries and has written extensively on clinical epidemiology, Public Health and International health policy. For over three decades he has pioneered innovation and new technologies that are locally appropriate to the populations being served. He has worked with many of the visionaries of tropical child health-care and continues to create cutting edge appropriate public health research in Africa. As international Doctor elmore meegan has helped to establish numerous charitable organisations and self-help groups primarily in East Africa. He continues to work with a large number of internationall institutions and is within the department of international health of the College of Medicine, University of tamper Finland. He has worked with Many of the pioneers of global health, is fluent in seven local tribal dialects and has lived most of his life among pastoral nomads in East Africa. Apart from his extensive scientific publications in medicine, he has published numerous books and has been the subject of a number of documentaries. As the founder of ICROSS he has received numerous international and national awards and continues to lecture globally on issues relating to international health and millennium goals. In 2014 alone the International Director Of ICROSS has lectured in 8 different countries.

ICROSS team 2014: Danny Ngwiri

Danny Ngwiri Ndwaru

Danny Ngwiri has been serving in ICROSS Rural Health Programs for 17 years. He started in Field Management and began the Aids Orphan Program in Migori, Western Kenya after building that ICROSS project Danny became the head of the Global Fund HIV program based in Nakuru, where he successfully implemented a multi-million dollar program to prevent AIDS and to provide the first home based care project in Nakuru for victims of HIV . Danny Ngwiri helped create an AIDS orphans support program in Bondo he also supervised the establishing of Bondo district’s HIV aids resource center. Under his direction ICROSS launched multiple projects in Bondo focused on AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. In 2007 Danny became assistant country director of ICROSS and became country director the following year. Over the last six years Danny has overseen ICROSS becoming increasingly independent and sustainable.

ICROSS team 2014: Dr Evan Sequira

Dr Evan Sequira MD

Dr. Evan Sequeira is a senior Consultant and lecturer at the Agha Khan University Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. He has been active in ICROSS since early 1983. He is an internationally respected gynecologist, obstetrician and is one of the foremost authorities in East Africa on obstetric emergencies and complications. He was in charge of the ICROSS LIONS surgical teams in Narok and Kajiado districts throughout the 1980’s and 90’s. He has received multiple honors for his work internationally. He became the Chairman of the board of directors of ICROSS in 1998 and is a senior lecturer at the Agha khan University Hospital in Nairobi

ICROSS team 2014: Sally Mukwana

Sally Mukwana

Sally Mukwana is an internationally recognized human resource specialist and business management consultant who works internationally and nationally. She has been involved with ICROSS for over 20 years both as an advisor then consultant and for the last several years, board member and deputy chair.


ICROSS team 2014: Sally Mukwana

Paul OleLasoi

Paul Olelasoi has been volunteering in ICROSS projects since 1984 he began as a community representative And leader respected throughout the maasai communities in Kenya and Tanzania. In 1996 he became head of projects for the rift valley and by 2004 Mr Ole Lasoi became head of programming representing ICROSS at district level in 2013 he was unanimously voted onto the board of directors to ensure community participation at board level.


Boaz Onyango

Boaz Has been with ICROSS for 16 years, he began working in the central Nairobi office of ICROSS as a book keeper. He has over the years been in charge of the financial team reporting directly to the board of directors, since 2007 he has been the financial manager of ICROSS.

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ICROSS International Head Office
Registered Office ICROSS, PO 507 Ngong Hills, Kenya
( A Registered Non Governmental Organisation regulated by the Kenyan Government
NGOs Coordination board under the NGO Act ; Registration No. OP/218/051/9254/180 )

International Director: Dr Michael Meegan D Med HC NUI

General Enquiries: Please email us at info@icrossinternational.org