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Universal Children's Day
(21 November 2014)

A decade after ICROSS began implementing children health programmes in East Africa, the United Nations detailed the convention on the rights of the child in 1989.

Almost a quarter of a century later we have dramatically failed children in meeting the aspirations and goals of the convention on the rights of the child.

(21 November 2014)

As part of the international and national planning programme for the next five years ICROSS has released its latest Theory of Change Model after wide consultation with stake holders.

Building an effective vision for ICROSS
(13 November 2014)

ICROSS Strategic plan 2015-2020

The ICROSS planning team released it’s latest Five Year Plan today at ICROSS International Headquarters.

The Country Director, Danny Ngwiri noted at the launch

“Every organisation around the world needs to plan its future using a dynamic process understanding the rapid changes occurring around the world.

Unless international organisations have a comprehensive professional system to plan the future they will be vulnerable to failure.”

ICROSS latest Youtubes from our Programmes
(09 October 2014)

The Finnish team supporting ICROSS projects have put up the latest field project youtube on line today. JoniLuomanen ,Julius Konttinen and Mikael Ashorn will be putting more clips of our projects on line over the coming weeks.

lectures on Poverty and the Millenium goals
(23 September 2014)

As part of a series of lectures on Poverty and the Millenium goals ICROSS International Director spoke on World peace day about the impact of war and the effects of pollution and climate change. Speaking with former ICROSS Director Sharon Wilkinson in Cambodia Dr Meegan represented the International Community for Relief of Starvation and Suffering in solidarity with other NGOS and communities calling for clinate change action.

ICROSS Rural Health Programmes gets a New Project Manager
(18 September 2014)

Johnson OleMakesser (extreme right) has served Maasai Communities for 27 years working with our Rural Health Programmes. He began as a health worker then became a  head of Community health workers. In 2007 he became Manager of Nyonyorri ICROSS Clinic which we built in 1986 ( with support from the British High Commission,Nairobi)...


ICROSS appoints new assistant international director
(29 August 2014)

The international advisory board of icross which consists of fourteen members in five countries have put forward a new position to support the international director.

ICROSS joins with the International Community for peace in Gaza.
(29 July 2014)

ICROSS shares solidarity with all those suffering mostly women and children.

ICROSS expands disease control projects.
(23 July 2014)

ICROSS continues its disease prevention campaign with our Maasai health teams. We are fighting killer diseases because of overwhelming suffering.

ICROSS extending Research programmes.
(12 June 2014)

As part of our long term commitment to field research ICROSS has launched a new initiative to support local research.

(28 April 2014)

ICROSS have marked World Malaria Day by treating over 300 malaria patients in a day & distributed hundreds of bed nets.

Icross Annual Review 2013 released today.
(15 April 2014)

The Board of Directors of ICROSS has released the most important Annual Review since the Creation of ICROSS 35 years ago.

ICROSS Fighting Malaria with your help...
(07 April 2014)

In April we are stepping up our Malaria programme with your help, but we do need your involvement.

ICROSS celebrates International Women's Day
(07 March 2014)

ICROSS is marking International Women's Day today and over the coming weeks with a series of events in our community projects.

ICROSS awareness campaign 2014.
(20 February 2014)

We are developing a series of campaigns aimed at sharing the key issues around Global Poverty, International Health and Human Rights.

An exciting start to 2014
(21 January 2014)

We began 2014 with a women's empowerment workshop and then launched a new series of polio  prevention campaigns in remote villages across Maasailand together with our Ministry of Health partners.

ICROSS Kenya 35 years old today!
(16 January 2014)

We are celebrating 35 years of ICROSS in Kenya on 17th January.

ICROSS in images.
(23 December 2013)

Washington DC photographer, Seth Rubin, has provided many photographic insights into our projects over the years.

Kenya Celebrates 50 years of Independence
(11 December 2013)

Dr Evan Sequeira together with the ICROSS  founders established ICROSS Kenya when Kenya was fifteen years old!

(11 December 2013)

Polio is a very dangerous infectious disease that is spread virally from person to person; it is one of the most damaging infections of the spinal chord.

(28 November 2013)

One of the tragic things about yet another World AIDS day is the apathy and indifference that has emerged over the last few years.

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ICROSS began its activities in 1978. We aim at providing long-term assistance to the nomadic communities of the sub-Saharan region. We act as a catalyst and all our projects are run and owned by the communities we serve. We work to improve health and living standards using their own culture. We work within a five-year strategic plan. This was developed with the Ministry of Health in Kenya and sets out long term goals.

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Dr. Michael Elmore Meegan - Founder and International Director ICROSS.