(Friday 14 September 2018)

Since ICROSS has been working on waterborne diseases, we have seen dramatic movements worldwide in water borne disease prevention. The problems continue to challenge every rural hygiene and sanitation strategy. It is essential that we continue to fight intestinal worms that affect hundreds of millions of children. ICROSS continues with your help in child survival and water borne disease.


(Wednesday 24 January 2018)

Dear friend of ICROSS please download the latest annual report which is below. It is our most comprehensive annual review detailing all of our activities and programmes together with a complete summary of ICROSS initiatives, Programmes and research. As always we welcome your feedback and your ongoing support to ICROSS as we try to make the world a little better. Your support to us is what allows our work to continue and expand. With your help 2018 will be our most significant year. We thank you for your continued efforts which keep all of our projects sustainable and through you we all continue to change the world. Download it here 

(Wednesday 29 November 2017)

The first of December represents World AIDS Day, 2017 . 


This comes at a time of growing complacency and apathy regarding HIV programs across the World.  For 30 years, ICROSS International has been an active partner fighting HIV and challenging public perceptions of HIV suffering and poverty. The problem of HIV has changed dramatically since 2005. At the end of this news update, there is an important link written by the founder of ICROSS in the journal of the American medical association. If you look at the reality of suffering, numbers change but suffering does not.


An increasing amount of people are becoming involved in unsafe practices in 2017. With almost 40 million people living with HIV, there is growing cause for concern. ICROSS continues to pioneer new and alternative ways of sharing awareness and home care in Sub-Saharan Africa. The very vast majority of HIV infections are in East and Southern Africa. UNAIDS has warned that complacency has cut budgets around the world. Gay communities in particular have seen significant increases in new infections  with 1.8 million new cases in 2016. Since the year 2000, there are 10 million people more living with HIV reaching 38 million world wide. Over a third of these people are not receiving treatment and funding in real terms has fallen.


ICROSS has consistently promoted safe sexual practice over the last 20 years. We have continued to base our International programs on peer reviewed research. We continue to provide scientific advice and consultation to organisation and individuals in high risk communities. ICROSS is directly involved in a series of studies as well as direct intervention. If you would like to become directly involved in supporting our awareness campaigns or prevention projects, you can reach us at director@icrossinternational.org







(Tuesday 21 November 2017)

One of our ICROSS  team, James shares this 


This year I embarked on a journey to not only take part but also complete my first marathon at the inaugural Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon. This is a herculean tasks by all means but I strongly believe that after many months of getting in shape, which roughly translates to over 200kms of cumulative mileage, that I am ready to take it to the roads.


(Friday 17 November 2017)

James Kinyua leads the ICROSS team in a global Marathon running at over 6000ft above sea level. James is part of ICROSS team leading a new generation of young Kenyans supporting ICROSS projects across the country.

(Thursday 12 October 2017)

Today is the international day of the girl child, ICROSS international has been early active in girl child project since early 1996 with the help of partners and friends we have successfully implemented girl child projects in rural areas in Kenya and Tanzania these includes:-

(Monday 7 August 2017)

ICROSS International has been implementing public health programmes for nearly 40 years. As a dynamic learning organisation, an important priority is to evaluate and assess the impact of programmes and innovations over time. Since 1981, ICROSS has continually published in the world’s leading scientific journals.

A vital part of our work is to share an understanding of applied operational field research and apply the highest International standards. We are building research networks and capabilities as part of our five-year strategic plan 2016-2020. We are also training a new generation of young researchers in Africa and Asia in effective methodologies and best practice in scientific research.

(Monday 7 August 2017)

For over 38 years, ICROSS has focused on reproductive health care as part of a dynamic health improvement strategy targeting co-ordinated school health promotion. The first key element being an ICROSS prevention program is integrating management and health support systems. This is based on creating healthy schools with nutritional support and close family community involvement. since 1983. ICROSS has been involved in pioneering effective public health programmes, integrating long term family planning with community ownership of public health intervention in their area. In 1993, we integrated our family planning programmes into long term mother and child health care.  Safe motherhood remains at the centre of our public health services since the early 1980s.

(Saturday 10 June 2017)

Following this week’s workshop ICROSS updated programme ​ ​teams on the latest WHO web platform for data and statistics and synthesis for information it also updated teams on the latest international prevention measures including Malaria prevalence and the historic launch​ of malaria vaccine pilot studies. This initiative was launched at the end of April in​ Kenya, ​ the most significant Malaria prevention strategy of recent decades.

(Saturday 8 October 2016)
Dear Friends,
CELEBRATION is the latest  book about ICROSS in Africa  A preview is on this site. Hard copies are available by contacting us at director@icrossinternational.org or through Amazon. CELEBRATION will shortly available for Kindle .This collection of images has been created by Julius and Joni during several vists to ICROSS programmes spanning 8 years.

I was running HIV programmes in the rift valley when Julius first visited and fell in love with the tribal communities. His unique approach to an understanding of people gave him a rear access to the daily lives. We all decided that we would let the photographs speak for themselves. If you would like to know more of our work and why we do it you can contact me directly at director@icrossinternational.org. there are also reports and live updates on icrossinternational.org.This is the first of a series of innovative projects that we will be doing with Julius and Joni

(Friday 9 September 2016)

Since ICROSS began over 35 years ago, it remained committed to preserving local culture tradition and heritage. One important part of this was to provide effective community development, that would be sustainable and owned by local communities. ICROSS did not focus on building a large NGO but concentrated on supporting local existing social systems. All of our work since 1983 but on the cultural values and belief systems of the local people. During the 1983-84 drought, many of our team became concerned that tribal communities were selling their precious tribal artifacts simply to survive.

(Friday 9 September 2016)

ICROSS has been  working on innovative ways to treat  Trachoma since  1986 with Professor David Morley of the Institute of Child Health, a pioneer of Tropical Health.

Trachoma is the leading infectious cause of blindness worldwide. It is caused by an obligate intracellular bacterium called Chlamydia trachomatis.

(Wednesday 24 August 2016)

The international team of ICROSS and new world international have launched in collaboration with the government of  Kenya a malaria prevention programme to try and reduce the cases and deaths caused by malaria among nomads.


Together with our international partners including Kenya ministry of health and the International Community for Relief of Starvation and Suffering.  NWI UK has seen a reduction of 22,000 cases of Malaria in Kenya.


There has been a spectacular improvement in the way which malaria is treated, with you help we can do a great deal more.


NWI has spent the last 18 months creating long term prevention programmes thanks to the many volunteers and partners including John Woodbridge, Jennah- louise salkeld and a group of close friends.

(Friday 12 August 2016)

Jennah-Louise Salked has been campaigning for women's rights in Kenya for the last four years. She has been dynamic as an ambassador for remote rural women's groups and mother and child health, this year Jennah has set up a series of projects working with ICROSS in Kenya and its partner charity in the United Kingdom, New World International UK. To learn more about the work of both charities, you can check out our YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/ICROSSwork and our websites http://icrossinternational.org and http://nwiuk.org . If you would like to support any of Jennah's projects, you can donate through the British charity commission regulated charity http://www.nwiuk.org/ or directly https://www.charitycheckout.co.uk/1126542/Donate .

Welcome to ICROSS International

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Welcome and thank you for coming to our web site.

ICROSS began its activities in 1978. We aim at providing long-term assistance to the nomadic communities of the sub-Saharan region. We act as a catalyst and all our projects are run and owned by the communities we serve. We work to improve health and living standards using their own culture. We work within a five-year strategic plan. This was developed with the Ministry of Health in Kenya and sets out long term goals.

Remember, you have the power to change tomorrow.

Dr. Michael Elmore Meegan - Founder and International Director ICROSS.